Purchase a mix or master credit to get started. If you want to create your account to get a feel for how the dashboard looks, you can! View Details

1. Buy Credits


Log in to your account, gather all the .wav files, zip them up, and drop them in for upload! Make sure to include a mix reference with your files! Now sit back and let us mix! View Details

2. Upload

Once you create your account and have credits, you can start by choosing “Get Started”. You may also stayed organized by adding a project during the upload process.

Enter the track name, assign the track to a project and then import your files! We recommend gathering your files and compressing them before uploading.



Professional stereo mixing makes your music sound… BETTER. Order to a Dolby Atmos mix credit for a fuller, multidimensional sound experience (spatial audio). View Details

3. Get MXD

Its time to sit back, grab a coffee and get ready to listen to the mix! Our team is prepping the files you uploaded and will reach out if there are any issues.

Once you like the mix and are done with revisions, you let us know by choosing “Approve”. That lets the team know its time to finish doing prints and get them to you! We will send you (Acapella, instrumental, performance and stems).

At any time you may clear this song out by choosing “delete”.


MXD makes it easy for you to make mix changes. Send your revision notes and we will make the needed adjustments! View Details

4. Revise

At any time after you get a new mix and you need a change let us know by doing a revision. We try and make this as easy as possible. If you have credits you will see “Add Note”. If you play the mix and hear something, simply pause and choose “Add Note”. It will timestamp that note. once you have finished adding all the notes, hit “Send”. Our team will get to work on the revision!


After all revisions are done and you choose "APPROVE", you will receive final prints (acapella, instrumental, performance and stems). It’s that simple! View Details

5. Receive Final Files

You can approve and delete songs right from the track view!


How many revisions do I get with each purchase?
Each of our mix packages come with a single revision credit. This can be used at the time of review, or saved for another project. More revision credits are available for purchase through our online store.
How do I receive the final product?
Once you approve the mix we get alerted to start exporting all the final assets. Once we are done, you will get an email to let you know to log in and download them!
What’s the benefit of mixing?
Mixing brings out the best in your multi-track recording by adjusting levels, panning, and time-based audio effects (chorus, reverb, delay). The aim is to sculpt your arrangement to make sense of all your tracks in relation to each other.
Will I get any arrangement or vocal editing?
Unfortunately we do not offer song arrangement or vocal editing outside normal mixing standards. Once you send your files we keep the song arrangement you had and do not do alter the art. We stay true to the song and the idea you had!
Does MXD offer custom packages?
We do. We partner with label, production houses and more to offer bigger stereo mixing, Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering. Shoot us an email at Team@gemtxd.com.
How should I credit MXD for the job well-done?
We are so honored to get credit. It can be listed as "Mixed by GETMXD". If we mastered the song you may say "Mastered by GETMXD".
I have more questions??
Email us! Support@getmxd.com or Log in to chat with us!
More Questions: team@getmxd.com